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Load SH-100HD Video How to make TP Lists Video

Description Download
User Manual
Fix for failed upgrade Dec. 16, 2023
Operating Software Version 20210118 Jan. 18, 2021
Operating Software Version 20131122 Nov. 22, 2013
How to load software to your SH-100HD
SH-100HD Tools
How to load a new TP list
TP America
TP Asia
TP Brazil
TP Europe
TP Middle East
Update Manual
Tatasky channel plan
Make or edit Tatasky channel plan


Having problems loading your meter? Are you using Windows 10? Read this.

This is not a problem with the meter.
Windows 10 can corrupt or abort files without warning.
This has become a problem for loading files to meters, USB drives and other devices.
Overcome this problem by using any other Windows OS.

Note: Some users have reported success with Windows 10 by using it in the SAFE mode.

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